Small wind turbine to charge 12v battery

A generator has to work harder when it is under load and thus it will spin a little slower compared to when it is not under load). So this motor will begin charging a 12V battery bank in wind speeds of around 8-10 mph. This is about what you are aiming for, and so we can conclude that this permanent magnet motor could work well for a wind.

Alternator. One of the most popular ways of charging a 12-volt battery is by using a vehicle's alternator. This is how vehicles charge their own 12-volt batteries and it is often how motorhome house batteries are charged. An alternator works by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.

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400w 3 Blades 12v Wind Turbine Horizontal Generator / Controller Kit Price: C $185.99 Add to Cart Description Specification Questions and Answers Reviews Wind Power Turbine Generator The listing is about 12V 400W three fiber blades wind turbine generator kit with a charge controller.

This Wind Turbine will be mounted at the top of the car so that the wind strikes the blades of the turbine, thus generating power that can be used to charge the batteries of an automobile. In this device, the blades are mounted on the rotor coupled with the generator/alternator through a shaft.

Our 400w 12v Wind Turbine is one of our entry level Battery Charging Wind Turbines, weighing only 12kgs and with a wing span of just under 1.4m it can be attached to your home with ease. Typically our homeowners use a set of T and K brackets to ensure a secure mounting with little or no vibration. 3-phase PMA with high performance Neodymium.